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Professional Finance Certifications

Bloomberg Essentials Online Training Program

Chartered Financial Analyst Certification

Claritas Investment Certification

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Certification The Institute of Management Accountant's certification for accountants and financial professionals in business. A two-volume set of CMA study materials for the Accounting and Finance components of the test are available in the main library. They are on "reserve" under Finance 301.

 — Please check here for more information about CMA.

  —The article "Let's Combine the Accounting and Finance Majors" from "Financial Executive" magazine argues for a combined accounting and finance major. At UTK, a business student can major in either finance or accounting and obtain a collateral (a.k.a., a minor) in the other area. If you do that, you can also gain most of the benefits described in this article. Read the article and judge for yourself.

  —Another interesting article compares and contrasts the CMA, CPA, and CFA certifications -- "CMA vs. CPA vs. CFA: Which Accounting Credential is Right for You?."


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