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Manners Matter Etiquette Dinner




80% of second interviews involve a business meal.  Dining etiquette can be critical to career and job search success.


Do Employers Even Notice?


Yes! Employers want to observe your conduct during meals and social situations, particularly for jobs requiring a certain demeanor with clients and superiors. You could be closely scrutinized on your table manners and behavior.


On a practical level, interviews can last several hours or all day; the employer is gracious to host you for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. The meal is a time to visit and interact; this is always more important than the function of eating.


Why Attend?


Professional development is critical for your future success. Training in areas such as etiquette and professionalism are no longer just considered an advantage, but a requirement for today’s competitive job market.  In addition to the plethora of skills needed to navigate the dining experience, you'll learn how to:


Registration Details


Who is Invited?


Register early, as there is limited seating!  The event is only for finance majors.


What’s the Cost?


The cost is free, as SunTrust is the premier sponsor.


Registration Deadlines



Event Details



Courtesy Clause



Managing Your Time Is Managing Your Reputation


Signing up for this event constitutes your commitment to attend. The purpose of this event is to help you learn to conduct yourself professionally in the workplace and for job interviews.

We would be remiss in our duties to you as students if we did not let you know that failing to attend any meal or other business (or social) appointment to which you commit, without calling or emailing to cancel, is considered extremely discourteous to other individuals.


Please recall that for this event, significant expense is made by others: 100% of your dinner expense is funded by our generous sponsor,SunTrust.


Individuals who work for the sponsoring organization travel to campus and extend their work day to host you at the dinner. Tables are set and dinner is prepared. When students no-show, this impacts and is a discourtesy to hosts, planners, sponsors, and the other students assigned to be seated at the same table.


If for any reason you realize you can’t attend, up to the day of the event, contact Misha Cooper, Center for Career Development, directly at


What to Wear



Contact Misha Cooper, Center for Career Development, at if you have questions.




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