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Bloomberg Training & Research


What is Bloomberg?

The Bloomberg terminal is a software database that enables financial professionals to access the Bloomberg Professional® service through which users can monitor and access real-time financial market data, news, and analytics. The system provides news and analytics for over 174 countries and 360 exchanges. Bloomberg market coverage includes: governments, preferred, corporate, mortgages, money markets, municipals, equities, commodities, indices, currency, and derivatives.

To access Bloomberg, you must be physically sitting at a terminal located in the Masters Investment Learning Center (Masters ILC).   The Masters ILC features 16 Bloomberg terminals for training and research. 


Where is Bloomberg located?

The Masters ILC is located in the Haslam Business Building (HBB) 237, in the second main floor of the atrium, nearest the pedestrian walkway entrance across from Einstein’s Bros. Bagels. The Masters ILC provides Bloomberg terminals, detailed training manuals, and live support from Bloomberg Financial Analysts. No food or drink is permitted while using the Bloomberg terminals, although you may eat or drink in the atrium outside of the center, or elsewhere on campus.


Why Receive Bloomberg Training?

At least 320,000 Bloomberg terminals are used by investment professionals around the world in over 174 countries. Corporate recruiters are seeking candidates with competitive technical and financial technology skills. Employers place great emphasis on having well-trained employees. In an increasingly competitive market, the more tools you have in your educational arsenal, the better.

Being familiar with the resources available through Bloomberg is an invaluable tool for finance and other business classes. Bloomberg can also be utilized to perform research on companies, markets, countries, and economies.


Who is Eligible for Bloomberg Training?

Only currently registered UT students are eligible to enroll in the Masters ILC training programs. There is currently no charge for the training programs. You have one academic semester to start and complete training.


B.E.S.T. Training Opportunities

We recommend students complete BMC, then Bloomberg Basics, and if needed, BESS.  Each program takes approximately a minimum of 8 hours to complete, and all are self-paced.


Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is a self-paced eLearning course that provides a visual and highly interactive introduction to financial markets.  BMC explores the global financial system and economy through 4 Modules: Economics, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities.  The course is woven together from Bloomberg data, news, analytics, and television.  BMC is professionally produced, and you will receive a certificate of completion directly from Bloomberg at the conclusion of training. This BMC certificate is a valuable commodity in the business community, as Bloomberg is widely considered the “gold standard” of financial data, and thus it should be added to the skills section on your resume.

Although you will learn 70+ Bloomberg terminal functions, access to a terminal is not required.  It is not necessary you come to the MILC to complete BMC—all you need is access to a computer with a working internet connection.  The cost for BMC is normally $150 for academic users and $250 for professionals.  Currently the MILC is providing a partial sponsorship of training for qualified students.  Thus, the cost for UT students is only $50, and is non-refundable.Department%20Website%20BMC.jpg

No prior financial knowledge is actually needed for BMC, as the course is completely self-contained. There will be approximately 120 exercises throughout BMC, including quizzes at the end of each section.  Only elementary math skills are required, and a basic calculator is sufficient to answer the questions.  All questions are mandatory for progression, although there is no penalty for incorrect answers.  You simply must complete all the modules to earn full credit—i.e. watch the videos and answer the questions. 

BMC is open to all majors, all levels, but is geared towards new students to the study of finance, as well as beneficial for students who need a refresher course in finance.  The Masters ILC strongly encourages all students from all majors to start their training with BMC. 

Contact Dr. Laura Cole at for a detailed training manual and an access code.


Bloomberg Basics

Bloomberg Basics is a proprietary training program created by the Masters ILC for students who want to learn how to expertly navigate the Bloomberg terminal, to download data in Excel, and to analyze data in four market sectors: Equities, Fixed Income, Forex, and Commodities.  The purpose is to be able to apply the skills learned in Bloomberg Basics to future coursework and/or on the job site.   

Bloomberg Basics will take approximately 8-12 hours, and can be completed at your own pace, typically throughout multiple visits, although there are suggested deadlines for the eight modules.  This course is completed both online and on campus.  You will watch training videos at home, and then come to the Masters ILC on campus to use the terminals to practice the functions that you’ve seen in the video, and likewise complete practice quizzes and eventually take exams.


Bloomberg Basics is geared towards business majors, and is beneficial to finance, accounting, business analytics, economics, and supply chain majors.  No certificate is issued, although training is free.  Training begins the first week of every fall and spring semester.  Bloomberg Basics is currently mandatory for all finance majors, and costs $50, which is non-refundable.

Registration instructions and more details can be obtained by emailing Dr. Laura Cole at


Bloomberg Terminal Availability for Individual Research

Bloomberg is available for academic research in your courses—not for personal research or research for your job or employer.  If Bloomberg is used for anything other than coursework, it breaches our contract, and nullifies the pricing discount we currently receive.  Ouch!  Please respect the academic boundaries by only utilizing the terminals consistent with our contract.

At least one Bloomberg terminal is available for individual use during Masters ILC operating hours, which is from 9 – 5 PM daily.  When the blinds are down and stanchions out, the center is not open to the public or students.  Usage is on a first come basis, second only to faculty and departmental use. Sessions are limited to one hour per student, and one session per day, unless there are no other students waiting for the terminal. You can sign up for time on a Bloomberg terminal via the UT CBA Room Scheduling System at, during normal MILC operating hours. If you do not have a reservation, you will not be allowed to use Bloomberg.


Regions After-Hours Research

Thanks to the generosity of the Regions Foundation, there are now four Bloomberg terminals available in the evenings and on weekends for academic research. Usage of the terminals is limited to students enrolled in specific courses, and is closely monitored by the Masters ILC. 

Contact Dr. Laura Cole at for more information about the Regions After-Hours program.



Bloomberg Terminal Assistance

As time and staff available permit, a brief introduction to the use of the terminal will be provided. The Bloomberg Financial Analysts are not available to offer extensive hands-on assistance to each Bloomberg user, but will attempt to give limited assistance when possible.

For further information about the Masters ILC, please contact:

Dr. Laura Cole, Director, Masters Investment Learning Center

Office: SMC 435

Phone: 865-974-1715



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