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What is the CME Commodities Trading Challenge?

Each spring semester, UT assembles up to two undergraduate and two graduate teams of up to 5 students each. This is a two-part competition pitting teams of undergraduate and graduate students from 179 universities and colleges from 26 countries, including Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Notre Dame, Penn State, Princeton, Rice, Syracuse, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. In the electronic trading phase, each team is allocated a mock $100,000 trading allowance to buy and sell crude oil, gold, and corn futures contracts. Teams are required to make a minimum of five trades per day using the CQG Trading Platform. After a few weeks of trading, the top 10 percent of teams with the highest trading account balances advance to a final round and compete for cash prizes and internships. In the second phase of the competition, individual students train in the techniques of exchange floor “open outcry” trading. After training, they compete in a simulated futures trading session and are judged by NYMEX/CBOT traders on their ability to fill orders and utilize proper trading techniques. Top individual traders win cash prizes and internships. Dr. Laura Cole is the faculty advisor and she can be contacted at

Profiles for past CME Commodities Trading Challenge teams can be found here.

For further information about the Masters ILC and its program offerings, please contact:

Dr. Laura Cole, Director, Masters Investment Learning Center
Office: SMC 435

Department of Finance ~ 427 Stokely Management Center ~ 916 Volunteer Blvd ~ Knoxville, TN 37996-0540
Phone: 865-974-3216 ~ Fax: 865-974-1716 ~ E-Mail:


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