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In 2013-2015 our students accepted job offers at the following schools:

Historical placement opportunities for our Ph.D. students have also included:


Lee Biggesrtaff
Assistant Professor of Finance, Farmer School of Business, Miami University

The finance department at Haslam provided me with the tools needed to thrive in both the program and during my career. I found the faculty members to be very supportive, while pushing me to work hard to master the skills and knowledge needed as a research-focused academic. The support from faculty members does not end at graduation as I continue to reach out to members of the department to tap their expertise in the field. Overall, I am very happy with the training and mentorship that I received from the University of Tennessee.

Dallin Alldredge
Assistant Professor of Finance, Carson College of Business, Washington State University

UT’s finance Ph.D. program was an ideal setting to prepare me for an academic career in finance. I found that the collaborative environment among students within the program enhanced my learning experience. My mentors within the finance department helped me develop an analytical approach to academic research. My education from the Haslam College of Business was well respected on the job market and led to great career opportunities. I highly recommend pursuing a finance Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee.

Joshua T. White
Assistant Professor of Finance, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia

In addition to equipping me with an in-depth understanding of the finance literature and econometric techniques needed to conduct research, the Ph.D. program at the Haslam School of Business provided two unique advantages that accelerated my development. First, Ph.D. students interact and work closely with research-active faculty throughout all stages of the program. This experience, especially in the early years, enabled me to identify and formulate important research questions at the forefront of literature. Second, the Haslam School of Business has a strong reputation for promoting interdisciplinary research. The ability to receive feedback from faculty in other areas such as law and accounting were instrumental to my success.

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